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Random thoughts while engaging in the marathon

January 25, 2010

1) I’ve realized all day that I’m falling behind schedule. I decided to take out my calculator and get a rough timeframe for the next 8 days. I guesstimated how many more episodes I’d be able to get through tonight and subtracted the total (with estimation) watched so far from the total amount of episodes on my cell phone’s calculator. I just finished the 15th episode and am going to try to get through to 18 tonight. Total episodes minus recaps is 98. 98 minus 18 is 80. 80 divided by 8 more days (including Tuesday, the day of the premiere) is 10. When I finished this calculation (I had figured out a few others before this, with fewer episodes tonight and not taking Tuesday into account, which had necessitated a calculator, unlike this current simple calculation), I checked the time on my phone to see how much more time I had tonight, and, no joke, it displayed 10:10.

10 episodes a day calculation figured at 10:10. Now if that isn’t poetic for a LOST marathon, I’m not sure what is…besides something including “the numbers,” I suppose.

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