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Series 1 Commentary, Episode 3

May 21, 2010

Here’s the third episode. And as with the previous episode, the quality is consistently getting better.

In this episode, I end up joining a guild, and explain the alignment setup and its relation to the guild system in more detail.

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  1. May 27, 2010 5:05 pm

    I’ll be honest: between the two guild mottos, I can’t really see any hint that one leads down a good road and the other doesn’t. Instead, it leads me more under the impression that the mage’s guild is going to have more options to consider as you fight in battles, whereas in the fighter’s guild you’ll basically be attacking willy-nilly.

    I hate RPGM3’s default shop. It’s so slow and cumbersome, especially since you have to worry about buying things for each individual person’s inventory, and you can’t tell what they’re already holding, or what the item you’re buying does. Oh, and trying to speed up the text results in selection mistakes.

    By the way, are you going to take advantage of choosing who is displayed as the party leader? I think it’d be funny if you ran around as the kid. Also, in case you don’t remember, you can save anwywhere on a field map.

    • May 28, 2010 12:02 am

      Yeah…there is a bit of downtime here and there re: the default shops. And in episode 4, I do believe I start using the “gothic baby” as the party leader on the field maps. Speeds things up considerably, and it does indeed look pretty humorous.

      As for the guild mottos, have you heard of the expression, “The ends justify the means”? If you steal a loaf of bread to support a starving family, does that make theft okay?

      The Fighter’s guild basically is saying that it really does not matter how you accomplish your goals for the guild…lying, cheating, and stealing are all perfectly acceptable, as long as the end result is to the benefit of the guild. Therefore, you ARE able to play as good, but it’s easier (ie-I give the player more opportunities) to advance down the “evil” alignment path. This is why the “ultimate weapon” on the Fighter’s guild path is only able to be obtained by making the “good” choices and maxing out the alignment toward “good”…because it’s so much more difficult to do. I think I mentioned in one of these first three commentaries (or possibly one upcoming) that if you make one “wrong” choice while playing as good, the “ultimate weapon” is unattainable.

      Same for Mage’s guild. Their motto is something along the lines of, “The end is important, but the means are also important.” This is meant to clue the player in to the fact that every choice you make has consequences, and that achieving your goals in the Mage’s guild is important, but acting selfless and generous is sometimes more important than the end result. And again, there is the opportunity to gain a different “ultimate weapon” from joining this guild as well, but it’s the inverse of that in the Fighter’s guild. Meaning, if you play as “evil,” and max your alignment out in that direction, you will gain access to it. And as in the Fighter’s guild, if you make the “wrong” decision just once (I might have given some leeway here, and allowed the player to “screw up” twice), you will not be able to obtain it.

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