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Series 1 Commentary, Episode 7

June 17, 2010

Kinda a wasted episode (count the number of times I use the word “kinda” in these episodes…if it were a drinking game, you’d be plastered before each episode ended), in terms of gameplay. Again, I discuss more of my influences, including Run Lola Run, LOST, Psychonauts, and Richard Linklater. In addition, I go over some of my future plans in terms of my game-making “career,” and some of my other artistic endeavours. I discuss my favorite types of character builds, from the arcade Gauntlet to Phantasy Star Online to Demon’s Souls, and the genesis of my idea for a director’s commentary (referencing Draygone’s LPs at the Pavilion). Also, more failed and never-finished game ideas are referenced, including a pseudo-MMO made with RPGM3, and its similarities to an ARG (alternate reality game).

In terms of gameplay, I find one of the rare random drops, and discuss the gaining of spells, and how it relates to guild and alignment choices. Also, I forget many details throughout and probably look like a dumbass.

“How about a game of lucky hit? Would you like to try a game of lucky hit?”

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